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Durango Dave Hickok -- SASS#60394

Cowboy Guns




Durango Dave Hickok

Ruger Vaqueros, 44 special, stainless 5 1/2 barrels
Schofields in 45 Colt, 5" and 7" barrel

Year joined SASS/RJSS
Favorite Category
Duelist to Classic Cowboy, & hopefully in the future, Gunfighter

Cimarron 1866 Yellowboy, 20” barrel, 44 Special

Cimarron 1873, 24" barrel in 44 Special



Retired 5th grade teacher, Keystone Oaks School District

Transportation Grant Writer for G.G.& C. Bus Co. & City of Washington

Significant Other's Alias:
Miss Lacey Remington

Winchester 97 pump, 12 ga.
Fox Sterlingworth double, 12 ga
Coach gun with hammers, 12 ga

Email Address:
Favorite Cowboy Movie(s):
The Professionals, Shane, True Grit, Tombstone, Lonesome Dove, & Open Range

Reason Behind the Alias:
I really liked the old west town of Durango & it seemed to go well with my middle name Dave, but like other RJSS members I needed a third name choice. I added Hickok a favorite of mine because he was a true “shootist” & colorful character from the old west.

Mountain biking, black powder shooting, & sightseeing with Miss Lacey

Favorite Cowboy Saying:
Fill your hand, you son of a ….. (True Grit)
Go ahead; skin it. Skin that smokewagon and see what happens! (Tombstone)

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Last Updated 03/03/2009