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Wild Bill Peterson -- SASS#48420

Cowboy Guns

Wild Bill Peterson

.45 LC, 7.5 inch barrels,
Colt SAA's

Year joined SASS/RJSS
Favorite Category
Frontier Cartridge Duelist but dress Classic Cowboy.
Rifle:.45 LC,  24.25 inch barrel,
Uberti 1873
Scrap trader.
Significant Other's Alias
She wouldn't be caught dead in cowgirl clothes!
Winchester Model 1897 (1912 vintage)  Stevens 311A and Cheap
Chinese Hammered Double all in 12
gauge.  Must like shotguns!
Email Address:
Favorite Cowboy Movie(s):
The Magnificent Seven, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Open Range, Tombstone, Rio Bravo and countless others.

Reason Behind the Alias:
Bill is my middle name and my wife thought CAS was a very wild (or words to that effect) idea.

Other Hobbies: Hunting, shooting, golf, model railroading and motorcycles.

Favorite Cowboy Saying:
I ain't got no problem with killing, Boss.  Never did....




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Last Updated 03/03/2009