Ambush at Indian Creek 19 - Scores

After reprtining and doublechecking the scores to post on the web, we found that the scoring program had calculated total time incorrectly.

As a result, there is a change in the overall ranking - for which we sincerely apologize.

Hooligan Howes was, in fact, the overall winner and we have contacted him to apologize and posted him as the overall winner on the awards page.
We have also contacted Marshall Perry to apologize to him for the error. Both cowboys were gracious in accepting the news.

There are two categories which also experienced glitches. We will rectify these as well with first place medals.

Once again, we apologize to all. We felt it was necessary to come forward with this to makes things right. Technology can be wonderful, but sometimes . . .

Last Updated 9/17/2017
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